Thanks for reaching out!

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Thank you for reaching out about what is happening at the cemetery


Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us over the last week. We have had an unbelievable amount of phone calls, messages and folks dropping by the office to talk about the news of a sale. We deeply appreciate the families we work with and the Crown Hill/Ballard community that we serve.


We are unable to say much publicly due to the nature of the situation. There are some very important things we want to make sure everyone knows.

Crown Hill Cemetery is not going anywhere. The cemetery is a cemetery and will remain a cemetery in perpetuity.

The people buried at Crown Hill Cemetery are not going anywhere. The gravesites remain exactly as they are. There will be NO disinterments.

There are NO Condominiums or developments going in at the cemetery. This rumor seems to come from a turn of phrase in the Times article but is absolutely untrue and not even legally possible.

All families who own property at Crown Hill Cemetery still own that property. All pre-arrangements made with Crown Hill are still valid and will remain so no matter who may own the cemetery.

The sale is only open to Licensed Cemetery & Funeral Home businesses. Even if the cemetery is sold it will remain under the care of cemetery professionals and the regulations set forth by the State of Washington.


Please feel free to contact us directly if you have loved ones, or your own personal arrangements, at Crown Hill Cemetery and have questions about the situation.


Thank you


Phillip Howell


Crown Hill Cemetery

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