Grief Support

As we cope with grief its important to understand the stages we will go through:

Denial- we are trying to wrap our mind around the concept that our loved one is gone and we are no longer able to talk with them or see them again.  Coping with the reality of the loss is so overwhelming we are just trying to survive that emotional pain. 

Anger-as we start to release our emotions anger seems to be the first one we start to express.  It can make us seem unapproachable when we need comfort and connection.

Bargaining-the feeling of desperation for the loss not to be true we will often try to bargain with God that we will change something about ourselves if our loved one can just live.

Depression-in this stage our panic starts to subside and we often want to be alone.  This is a natural stage but it can be extremely isolating.

Acceptance-while we still feel the pain of our loss we have accepted the reality of the situation.

Keep in mind that grief is not linear and we may go through the stages repeatedly. There is no set amount of time for us to grieve and many times the lines between the stages may be blurred.

Credit: How the Five Stages of Grief Can Help Process a Loss (