Our History

The Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Garden, pictured here, is one of our most historic features. It was constructed in 1909 to honor the Civil War Veterans of Washington State.

Our history is your history. Our cemetery is rich in the tradition and history of the Ballard & Crown Hill neighborhoods. We were founded in 1903 to support the needs of Ballard’s growing population. Ballard at the time was a bustling city of 10,000 and the shingle capital of the world.

The citizens needed a local cemetery so a group of local citizens formed the Crown Hill Cemetery Association. The association, headed by Mayor A.W. Mackie, established the cemetery in April 1903. It was set on a 10 acre parcel that encompassed a gentle knoll just beyond NW 85th street, or Boundary Street as it was known in 1903, Ballard’s northern city limits.

In 1923 the cemetery was purchased by Ballard residents Arthur & Louanna Marshall. Since then it has been privately owned and managed. John Miller has owned the cemetery since 1998. Phillip Howell is the General Manager and Family Services Counselor.